TMI Boom BEST 10 Leaderboard

BEST 10 Leaderboard

Every TMI Boom project must have the potential to be the best thing I ever do - otherwise it's not worth doing! No pressure!
For the next 10 years, the BEST 10 Leaderboard will keep track of the current ranking of the top ten TMI Boom projects (+ next three up and comers).
Let's see if our rankings turn into real world success! This is a 10-year project and a core guiding principal to keep us on track toward something special.
The Best 10 Leaderboard officially started August, Friday the 13, 2021 and will conclude with a champion on June, Friday the 13th, 2031. We'll have fun with it along the way, but those are the basics.
Each new project between now and then may be the best thing TMI Boom ever does (exciting) and we hope you create along with us with TMI Boom CAPs (Creative Activity Projects) and give yourself the chance to create the best thing you ever do too.
Here is our first Best 10 Leaderboard breakdown:

1. Sensei Mila is a comic strip I started this year. It's fun to make, it is the world's first NFT comic strip, it's minted NFT collection is on, AND as a comic strip it won it's first head-to-head in round 1 of the comic strip tournament held by the /r/Comics community on Reddit. Lot's of varied activity, joy to make, and it's potential makes Sensei Mila no.1 for today.
2. Pathem puzzle archives is mainly here because of Pathem puzzles' history and future plans. It's still the best puzzle/game I have invented, it was previously syndicated in 20+ community & college newspapers, and there was a book deal with Puzzlewright Press under the Sit & Solve puzzle book series. Big plans to get Pathem in front of more eyes in 2022 and to see if it can take its place along sudoku, word search, and the like.
3. DKSprinkles "Mobbed Up" phone case. On the street, this phone case by DKSprinkles get so many compliments it has to be high on the leaderboard. It make me happy every time I look at one.
4. Twoser NFTs became TMI Boom's first NFT collection on in 2021. They are a great bridge between optical illusion art characters that had a licensing shot years ago with a major toy company and now has been reinvented as a series of NFTs - one of the newest and hottest collectibles today.
5/6. Sleepy Creeps "Death Breath" and "Wordless". The trips and I are so excited for Sleepy Creeps and although "Death Breath" and "Wordless" are not the most iconic Sleepy Creeps, they are the first we are introducing as CAPs (Creative Activity Projects) and are leading the way into the Sleepy Creeps universe and we can't wait!
7. X-Bert is one of the TMI Boom DIY games we are ready to launch as a TMI Boom CAP. X-Bert has a very unique game play, I love the classic board game feel and logic (chess/checkers/more), and has potential to be published beyond a DIY game.
8. DKSprinkles "Kitty Cones" NFTs are a subset of the DKSprinkles collection on OpenSea. NFTs are hot, Kitty Cones are super cute, and they received the most compliments on social media - so they are no.8.
9. VAKA "Chee-Hoo!" as a t-shirt still gets the most interaction when I wear one out. I especially enjoy when a little kids give me a Shaka. Any t-shirt that gets a reaction or interaction on the street is a hug winner in my book.
10. Trés Bien, another TMI Boom DIY game, is played with a regular deck of cards, so it will eventually be published in the upcoming book, TMI Boom's Book of Games (working title), and it will also just be shared as a TMI Boom CAP with the TMI studio (the TMI Boom community).Trés Bien is a super fun game PK and I developed over a weekend and love to find a couple of minutes to play a quick game.
others contenders:
11. Behind the Lines, a TMI Boom DIY game and upcoming CAP.
12. Eat Local: Musubi, another VAKA t-shirt .
13. B&W Mob yoga leggings by DKSprinkles.


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