Sleepy Creeps case file no.9 - "Death Breath"

Here is mini case file of the Sleepy Creep...Death Breath.
Sleepy Creeps case file no.9 - "Death Breath"
Death Breath is a Sleepy Creep that searches out little open mouths left agape by sleeping children. Death Breath nestles in at the back of your tongue and starts a cavalcade of increasingly disgusting smells.
Every Death Breath victim gets a different parade of 5 levels of escalating putrid odors.
One Sleepy Creeps Hunter reported a case that started off as...
1) ...a passing whiff of something egg-like.
2) Then they thought someone around them was lactose intolerant.
3) By the time they realized the smells were coming from their own mouth, everyone around them complained of burnt rubber.
4) Luckily, by the time even the lovers of stinky cheese started gathering around, the victim recognized the signs and was able to purchase a small amount of "Epoisse de Bourgogne", the world's stinkiest cheese, and ate it, breaking the spell.
They didn't like the stinky cheese and the cheese didn't like them - so they vomited it all up, and it was worth it. They were sure the next level would be the smell of something long dead and shuttered to think of what they would have to eat to break the curse at full strength.
So keep aware of your surroundings, know your Sleepy Creeps, and learn how to defend against them. Seek out helpful information from Sleepy Creep Hunters or become one yourself and join the secret battle playing out in every shadow, creaking door, and unsettling thought of terror that invades your dreams when a Sleepy Creep is near.
The Sleepy Creeps are coming...

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