Life is a game, when you learn how to play!

Welcome to "the TMI Boom Game™"

I'm JK Cook, the DIY Game Guy.

Every game is essentially a set of rules and a story.

TMI Boom is both this site and also an unconventional game I am playing, the TMI Boom Game.

To learn more about TMI Boom's story and the game, click the button below!

the TMI Boom Game

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Do-It-Yourself Gaming!

Build your DIY game kit!

Building your own personalized game kit makes playing games more fun. Spend a little or build a legendary collection of dice, cards, pawns, and other gaming goodies. Gather your DIY gaming materials and play all the TMI Boom games we have to offer!

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TMI Boom's Games & Puzzles LIST

This is the living list of TMI Boom's games & puzzles that have been published, officially released, are in development, and everything in between. This list will always be a work-in-progress and a great overview of how TMI Boom and the DIY game movement are growing.

Game & Puzzle LIST

Benefits of playing DIY games!

• Have fun
• De-stress
• Skill-building
• Quality time with others
• Mental health support
• even more fun!

DIY Gaming Benefits

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