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I'm JK Cook, I have Too Many Ideas and this is TMI Boom.

Do you have a little voice in your head? A narrator or inner dialog that chimes in when you need figure out a problem? My voice runs 24/7 with ideas, thoughts on the ideas, variations on a theme, dissenting opinions, cheers and boos. It is lot and my brain is an idea hoarder that is set on repeat.

For over the last decade I have been raising my triplets and the idea chaos has invented a lot of fun and games for us, but now the toddlers are tweens and as they spread their wings my creative brain is running too hard and hot on it's own.

I need your help. The sea of swirling possibilities is drowning me and I need to exorcise the ideas from my mind and out to this site, social media, and any other platform that engages with the online community.

Many of my ideas are good, some are bad, some are crazy, and few may be great.

My life's mission, with your help, is to identify the great ideas from the focus on creating the best things I am capable of and contributing to our popular culture.

So, I am going to put out as many of my Too Many Ideas as possible (without going BOOM) and look to the online community to help find the gems and make something epic.

I'm naturally introverted, I'm probably a little crazy, this is going to be a genuine adventure with lots of ups and downs, experiments, and surprises. I hope you'll join in for the adventure.

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