Sensei Mila

Sensei Mila, the "Stone Door Genius" 
AND the World's First NFT Blockchain Comic Strip

Thought experiments and humorous investigations are on the menu as Sensei Mila and his buddy Phil share a life long look at being a person in our complicated world. Self-help expert? Guru? Cult leader? A genius that opens the stone doors of your mind?

Don't take it seriously, but you might find the answers you've always be looking for - if you are willing to go on an unexpected hang friends.


You can or will find Sensei Mila comic strips shared online on various platforms (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, You Tube, Reddit, TMI Boom Blog, TMI Boom's Patreon, etc..) but Sensei Mila's start was unique because when it launched into the world in 2021, it was on the blockchain. 

The Polygon blockchain and is the launching point of Sensei Mila, the world's first NFT blockchain comic strip, and Sensei Mila comic strips are released into the world as NFTs (Non-Fungible Tokens) first, and then spread to the rest of the digital world.

TMI Boom's goal is always to create something special. Something genuine, creative, meaningful, entertaining, amusing, thought provoking....anything that connects with people and hopefully makes their lives better than before experiencing TMI Boom's creations.

On TMI Boom's Patreon (where fan's can take a look behind the scenes at all of our projects) it's part of a 10-year project called the TYG (Ten Year Game). To keep TMI Boom creatively honest, we only continue producing projects that have the chance to be the best thing we'll ever create. 

I am proud that since launching Sensei Mila as a comic strip (the world's first NFT blockchain comic strip!) Sensei Mila is in the running.

Please follow and read Sensei Mila comic strips. It has it's own voice, it's going to grow, evolve and find it's audience, and we hope you are a part of it.

- JK Cook, TMI Boom


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