"Wordless" - Sleepy Creeps case file no.20

"Wordless" - Sleepy Creeps case file no.20
As we promised, here is the information we have to share with all Sleepy Creeps Hunters out there about the Sleepy Creep know as "Wordless". Here is a submission from a victim of Wordless, warning all children about this nightmare in their own words...
“It is very important that you know there are exactly fifteen words in this sentence. Every sentence I speak can only have that specific number of words in its entirety. If I complete a sentence using other than 15 words, the next sentence will shorten. The cause of this affliction is a Sleepy Creep, or Sleepy Creep curse, called “Wordless”. I started out with 20 words and a note explaining my predicament and its rules. I thought it was a prank and now I can only use 15 words exactly. I don’t know how I can continue protecting my words every minute of every day. Some days I want to say “goodbye” and be done with all this unending pressure. I don’t know how this ends, but I do know...the Sleepy Creeps are coming..”
(sent in from a victim of the Sleepy Creep, “Wordless”)
That's what we know so far. We don't know how many victims are out there, but you are not alone. Sleepy Creep Hunters all over the globe are investigating, reporting on their experiences, and making bedtime a safer place for each and every kid.
If you want to be a Sleepy Creep Hunter and be able to report and share Sleepy Creep related information, look for current the Sleepy Creeps Hunter contact info HERE.
Keep safe, keep informed, and remember,...the Sleepy Creeps are coming.

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