The TMI Boom Game

This is technically a game, but it is really motivation for me to keep working hard every day to make TMI Boom grow and thrive. When I say, "Life is game, when you learn how to play.", this is an extreme example. I do keep score and I do play to win.



The Story: A game inventing dad of triplets (that's me) started playing an unconventional game that started October 31st, 2023. It only has 2 rules...

The Rules:
#1: If anyone sees, hears, or otherwise becomes aware of the TMI Boom Game, they are a part of the game.

#2: I need to score at least 100,000 points by the game end date, to win the game.

note: The game end date is the day my triplets graduate high school (which is sometime around late May, 2027).

My mini bio...I grew up in Hawaii drawing in the margins of every piece of paper from kindergarten through high school, bumped around in college(s), and landed at the Rhode Island School of Design (thank you, Bill Drew!). I paid the bills at various advertising and design firms in Los Angeles for about 10 years and wandered into a game design class at the OTIS College of Art and Design (thank you, Keith Meyers!). I moved to New York with my future wife (thank you, Babes!) and dipped a toe working in toy & games until we had our triplets (thank you, Babes, again!). We moved back to Hawaii where I became a Mr. Mom for more than a decade and when the kids and I homeschooled during Covid, we dove deep into inventing DIY games of all types, spending quality time together, and making some of our best memories (thank you, 'dews). As the kids need me less, I decided the Venn diagram of what I have the skills for, what I care about, and what I could contribute to the community was making and sharing DIY games. To keep me focused, I made the entire endeavor a game onto itself, the TMI Boom Game™.

So that's it. This site, the games I create, everything about TMI Boom, DIY gaming, and the DIY Game Guy on social media, online, or in the physical world...are a part of the game and function within the story and rules of the game.

So that's pretty weird.

I don't know how it's going to work out, but I'm going to win this game. I have (as of the date I am writing this) about 3 1/2 years to score 100,000 pts. 

I can't win this game alone, and by reading this, you are part of it too! If you like routing for underdog success stories or enjoy watching very public epic fails, follow along as I make my moves, score game points, and win this game by making and promoting DIY games to make our world (fingers crossed) a slightly better place.



Community building
+10 pt...per G.O.T.M. sign up
+10 pts...per CLUB sign up
+100 pts...per per G.O.T.M. game released

Social Media
+1 pt...per day of DIY Game Guy / TMI Boom social media post
+1 pt...per follower/subscriber on social media
+100 pts...per DIY Game Guy / TMI Boom video posted on YouTube
+1,000 pts...per Wikipedia page for DIY Games/Gaming, TMI Boom, or the DIY Game Guy

+25 pt...per product (non-game) in the SHOP
+100 pts...per game published in the SHOP
+10,000 pts...per game/book/product published by 3rd party or crowd sourced

+1,000 pts..per award or prize earned
+10,000 pts...per world record earned


"Look for score updates and how I am doing playing the TMI Boom Game on social media, the TMI Boom blog, and the TMI Boom CLUB on Patreon."

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