GOTM 9-Cup

June 2024 G.O.T.M.

Welcome to this month's TMI Boom's game-of-the-month: 9-Cup!
We are so excited for the release of our first GOTM game that is a DIY SPORT game, a DIY BUILD project, and a DIY GREEN game. We hope you have fun building the 9-Cup TMI Boom Box and playing 9-Cup with it.
Connect with us on social media and let us know what you think about any of our games or the DIY gaming movement. Getting to know you and seeing the games in action is what this is all about. Play more, live better!
Download the pdf of the game, print out, build, and play!
Getting the GOTM to the DIY community is our top priority, but we are always looking to add more games and fun DIY gamer merch to the TMIBoom SHOP. Every purchase supports us making and sharing more with the DIY game community.