9-Lives: a Loki card game

As I always say, "A game is a just set of rules...and story." or at least I say a version of that. 

Inpiration takes many forms and as I posted on social media on April 4th, 2024, our original "I AM NOT A CAT" icon, Loki, had another death defying visit to a vetarnarian. While I waited in my car for some test results, to put my mind at ease, I leaned on DIY games and the card game 9-Lives was invented.

9-Lives is on TMI Boom's "games-to-publish" list and I hope you have a chance to get it soon. 

Loki ended up pulling through, yet again, and his legend continues.

For now, you can earn a Puzzle-Decks puzzle starring Loki by playing the TMI Boom's Treasure Hunt Game or enjoy his image in the TMI Boom SHOP as a great set of stickers or a sweet t-shirt.

Check out the "I AM NOT A CAT" stickers!


Check out the "I AM NOT A CAT" T-shirt!