TMI Boom's Treasure Hunt Game

Welcome to TMI Boom's Treasure Hunt game!

Jan 7, 2024 is the first edition of the TBTH and we are excited for you to play.

Follow the clues and find the hidden treasure.

There are seven (7) clues. 
One clue released each day Jan 7-13, 2024 which can be found on TMI Boom's:

• Facebook
• Instagram
• Threads
• TMI Boom CLUB on Patreon

Clue answers are hidden in the "Countdown Days" graphics posted daily on social media during November 2023, leading up to the launch of TMI Boom's WEEKLY (now G.O.T.M.) on December 1, 2023.

The information on how to use the 7 solved clues to find the treasure will be released on Jan 14th, 2024.

Puzzle Decks™ card puzzle: Loki "I AM NOT A CAT" edition



A peek behind-the-scenes...In future editions I think it might be more fun to have the treasure be a mystery. This time there was a debate whether the Jan 2024 Game-of-the-Month (free to G.O.T.M. subscribers) should be a Puzzle Decks™ card puzzle themed with TWOSER™ optical illusion characters OR with Loki: "I AM NOT A CAT".

In the end we did both. The subscribers were emailed a link to the TWOSER™ Puzzle Decks™ games and the public at large got to play the TMI Boom Treasure Hunt game to find the Puzzle Decks™  Loki: "I AM NOT A CAT"

So that's a peek behind the scenes.