Puzzle Decks™ card puzzles

Visual puzzles are great! There is something so human about organizing order from chaos. 

Puzzle Decks™ are card puzzle pieces that players rearrange to complete an image. It might be a single scene / picture or a pattern. 

The original Puzzle Decks™ are the size of a deck of playing cards, printed on both sides. Each deck of cards contained 6 puzzles. As DIY digital Puzzle Decks™ puzzles, the pieces can be playing cards, squares, hexagons, you name it. 

What I love about a puzzle like Puzzle Decks™ is that any art, any theme, can be applied giving puzzle addicts an unlimited future of new puzzles. It you love cats or dogs, if you want rainbows or bugs, if you are interested in optical illusions or surreal art, a Puzzle Decks™ deck is headed your way.


Solve them once, solve them 100 times! Develop your patience, focus, pattern recognition, and share your successes with fellow puzzlers!