SHHH...I have a new personal record!

I've been nursing some old guy injuries, but I still need the stress release from playing some half speed DIY Sport Games on a local basketball court. It's not a complicated game, but playing TMI Boom's "SHHH" is a way to live out the fantasy of shooting a half court shot during the halftime of a big game.
I'll breakdown how to play later, but even when you are feeling down, a new PR (personal record) always feels great and you should celebrate it. This week, for the first time ever, I made 2 half court shots out of the 10 attempts during the standard round of SHHH.
The endorphins released for "winning" something as silly as this game and doubly so making a new PR, is one of the great benefits to playing DIY games. It gave me a break from my aches & pains and reminded me that some good news can always be just around the corner. (I also think the Pickleball players on the far side of the courts and the senior walking their dog across the baseball field were very impressed with my shooting!)
It's true that I want people to buy some of our affordable games and support us and have fun with merch and our Patreon CLUB. It's true that I want thousands of more people to sign up for our FREE game-of-the-month (at the bottom of every page on But, what fuels me to keep posting and reaching out to build a DIY game community of students, families, seniors, educators, mental health professionals, and every other person out the joy I have when a DIY game makes your life better.
We all need some more happy times in our lives - a reminder of what it feel like to win. And sharing the fun with others multiplies all the good it does.
Please play a game today and pat yourself on the back for making it happen.

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