the DIY Game Guy

I'm JK Cook, the DIY Game Guy!

It took me a long time to figure out and combine three important things...what drives me, what I have talents for, and how I can best use them to contribute to society.

After studying art and design in school, after working in advertising / graphic design / toy / game industries, after becoming a Mr. Mom and focusing on raising my triplets for over a decade...TMI Boom and DIY games are it.

I make games that are fun & challenging and I believe that playing games, (especially DIY games) can bring people joy, sharpen their minds, relieve stress, develop life skills, and build quality relationships & experiences. 

My personal goals are to create as many games, puzzles, & activities as I can, produce and distribute them as affordably as I can - to as many people as I can, and help develop the DIY game community.

Learn more about the DIY Games' message, mission, & movement on the DIY Game theory page...HERE.

Thank you for checking out TMI Boom's games & puzzles. I hope you play as many of them with as many people as you can and see how "Life is a game, when you learn how to play."


- JK Cook


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