Home Schoolers

Calling all Home School Families!



I'm JK Cook, a hands on dad of triplets (Nui, Koa, & Lei), and we make and play DIY games! I made the home lunches and helped with homework from kindergarten and elementary school, through intermediate, and now in high school (today they don't take the home lunches!).
Playing DIY (do-it-yourself) games has been a great way for our family to spend quality time together: having fun, challenging ourselves, and making meaningful memories.
Our gaming life evolved during the pandemic (our year plus of home schooling) and our mission to create and share a growing library of diverse, affordable, and free games was born. We are building a DIY community and hope to do our part to make the world a better place, one game, one player at a time.

Why DIY (do-it-yourself) games?

I'll keep it brief here, but if you want to take a deeper dive, check out our ever evolving page on DIY gaming via this LINK.

3 Social Benefits 

• Take a break from digital devices
• Own your experience
• Share the experience

Skill Builders

• Reality check / fact-based (universal)
• Interactive / cooperative skills (external)
• Character skills (internal)

DIY Game qualities

• Low cost
• Low commitment
• Wide variety


Where does the home schooling community come in?

This is a grass roots movement. We not a big company with a large advertising budget or maximizing profits for investors. I am a dad making awesome games with my kids - trying to make a positive impact in our community and we need your help to grow.

We are reaching out to home schoolers to reach the people that will benefit from and spread the word about DIY games as a home schooling resource.


What you can do right now?

1) Sign up for TMI Boom's FREE G.O.T.M. (game-of-the-month).
We give out a free game every month to anyone who signs up with their email - no strings attached. It's how we give back to and build our community. Sign up is on at the bottom of any page on tmiboom.com (including this one!).

After you test it out and see that these DIY games are a useful resource  - tell people about it. Please share DIY gaming and our free sign up with your home school community.


2) Download a sample game and play it.
For an immediate experience, please feel free to download these G.O.T.M. samples from previous months. Play them yourself and share them with friends and families.

Our hope is that people will see their value and sign up for future G.O.T.M. games for themselves. Our library is always growing and evolving and we want the DIY community to do so as well.



Pathem® word puzzles

4 Sisters Solitaire™


Thank you!

I appreciate you taking the time to learn about DIY gaming and signing up for TMI Boom's free G.O.T.M. subscription. Feel free to reach out and share your thoughts. 
Life is a game, when you learn how to play!

- JK Cook


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DIY gaming is first and foremost about having fun - and our entertaining merch and games support our mission.