A fun DIY Sports game for any gathering!
Toss chips into cups! Score more points than your opponents! Become your 9-Cup house champion!
DIY gaming is about having fun, developing life skills, and spending quality time with others. 9-Cup is a perfect choice for our first SPORT game, DIY BUILD project, and GREEN GAME as a TMI Boom game-of-the-month (GOTM).

SPORT games use physical prowess as a major component of play. While 9-Cup isn’t going to make you break a sweat, the rhythms of motion and players figuring out which throwing techniques work best for them are integral parts of playing this DIY game.

DIY BUILD projects for TMI Boom aren’t usually very complicated (and 9-Cup is about as simple as it can get). We love a challenge, but DIY gaming is best when it is as inclusive as possible and simple DIY building projects like the 9-Cup game box is a fun and easy way to dip your toes into DIY building and crafting.

GREEN GAMES at TMI Boom are games that can be made from finding stuff around the house you may already have. It’s the general idea of reusing or renewing materials that may be headed for a landfill that you use again or multiple times before they eventually are headed to the bin, or that you are able to transform into some semi-permanent game equipment or DIY game kit materials. Waste not, want not.

9-Cup was featured as a FREE game in TMI Boom's June's 2024 game-of-the-month (G.O.T.M.) and is available as a perk in TMI Boom's CLUB on Patreon.
This and other TMI Boom DIY games will be published in the future in a collection of TMI Boom games, but until then... 
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