4 Sisters Solitaire

You don't always have someone handy to play a game with and that's where 1-player, solo or solitaire games shine. Do-It-Yourself gamers find a way to play!

The Story of the 4 sisters

In a land far away there were four royal sisters, Giselle, Gabriella, Colette, and Claudia. They were know far and wide across many kingdoms for their love, wisdom, strength, and courage. When a dark cloud loomed over the lands and the shadows of war and chaos threatened the prosperity of all, the princesses traveled to the four corners of the known world and became the queens of the four most influential kingdoms to restore peace and order. 

Disaster was averted, the kingdoms blossomed, and the people flourished, but the great distances made it difficult for the sisters to reunite frequently. To soften this reality, when they found themselves longing for each others’ company, they played their special game of solitaire, 4 Sisters Solitaire, and would never feel truly apart.

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This and other TMI Boom card and dice games will be published in the future in a great collection of TMI Boom games, but until then... 
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