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Besides all the great brands we are excited to rep, there are a ton of projects from the TMI Boom workshop we have as well. If it makes sense as a product for the store, we release under the TMI Boom brand as proudly as any other.
Too Much Information, Tinkering Many Ideas, Top Monster Icons, Triplet Mischief Industry...TMI Boom!
Whatever TMI Boom means on a given day, we are exploding with original, fun, creative projects to share with you.


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TMI's merchandise shop is just the tip of the iceberg!

In addition to all the great gear at the store, TMI Boom posts a ton of content via social media. Search around for all the comics/comic strips, art, puzzles, games, reviews, & life hacks.

If you want to see more, or even get involved, come check out everything TMI Boom at the TMI Boom Patreon.

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What started as a stay-at-home dad keeping 3 toddler-triplets entertained has grown, evolved, and transformed into a stay-at-home-dad keeping 3 tween-triplets entertained.

Roll around in the treasure trove of games, activities, stories, characters, and life hacks we have been developing over years of family life. Follow along with the sweet successes and epic fails as TMI Boom's think tank does what it was made to do...create genuine entertainment that we enjoy and hope you do as well.

Thank you to all our patrons who help us and other creators make and share fresh, original content.