Sleepy Creeps NFTs

the Sleepy Creeps are the blockchain!

The is no safe place from the Sleepy Creeps and now they have begun their invasion of OpenSea on the Polygon blockchain.

Be a Sleepy Creeps Hunter and collect your favorite Sleepy Creeps as NFTs. Our collection is growing and so should yours. 

Please support these foul nightmare fueled terror monsters in their quest to snatch your kids where they are most their dreams.

Dead Bunny NFTPiggy Blanket NFT 1Mr Hops NFTthe Lost Balloon NFTBackwards Girl NFTDeath Breath NFTWordless NFTPiggy Blanket NFTBackwards Girl Puzzle NFTPiggy Blanket NFTBackwards Girl Puzzle NFT

A lot is going on behind the scenes and the Sleepy Creeps NFT collection will drop soon. We are very excited for more NFT sneak peaks, promotions, videos, teases, giveaways and more!

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