Million Dollar Shot

Check out this Million Dollar YouTube Short!

I LOVE TMI Boom's DIY Sport games.
Young or old (that's me), it is important as a DIY gamer to embrace new things. Take risks, build a new skill, push yourself, hone your skills.
During the Covid lockdown I shot a lot of basketball on deserted courts and with the help of my bluetooth earphones and Spotify playlist for my tunes, I grew to love hoops at a whole new level, inventing TMI Boom sports games while getting a workout.
Million Dollar Shot was one of the very first that evolved and is still one of my go-tos. The joy of the build up as you make the shots toward qualifying for a shot at  million dollars is a fun fantasy that will make your day special. And on the days you make the shot, you genuinely feel the satisfaction of winning big that everyone should feel more in there life.
TMI Boom's Sport games are fun games, they are also a great way to enjoy moving your body and being more fit. In addition, the combination of these DIY gaming activities is an effective stress reducer - which I rely on.
Stay tuned as we release videos and game rules for TMI Boom's Sport games like:
Million Dollar Shot
Over the Moon
Elbows, Knees, & Toes
Line Stepper
B-ball Bowling
B-Ball Golf
33 1/3
and more!