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Aloha Mental Health Professionals!

Thank you for taking the time to look at TMI Boom, D.I.Y. gaming, and their connection with mental health.

I'm JK Cook, and my main job in life is being a dad of triplets and a supportive partner to my wife. My wife has a very consuming career and when we had our triplets, I became a Mr Mom / primary care parent / stay-work from home dad - and like any family (with our 3 cats and 2 dogs - that makes 10!) life became very complicated and without a clear road map.

In addition to our inherent ups and downs of life, the Covid pandemic, home schooling during lock down and the isolating aftermath we still have echos of, the massive influence of mobile devices and screen times, social media and world social/politcal issues - family and individual counciling has made a continuing impact in our mental health and well being.

As our babies became toddlers, children, and now teens through the last decade+, I saw that as the kids matured and need me less for the day to day, they (and I) needed a focus on how