GOTM - Million Dollar Shot

July 2024 G.O.T.M.

You made it to this month's TMI Boom's game-of-the-month: Million Dollar Shot!
We are solidly in summer and getting out and active is a no brainer, or I should say is a DIY game brainer. We love DIY games of all types and sometimes the best thing for your brain is to get the rest of your body moving. Sport games aren't just for jocks, they are for everyone. This is your game, so target this challenge, aim at getting your best score, and add another arrow into your DIY game quiver (that's a lot of metaphor!).
Connect with us on social media and let us know what you think about any of our games or the DIY gaming movement. Getting to know you and seeing the games in action is what this is all about. Try a new game, live a new day, make your new life!
Download the pdf of the game, get to a court, and play!
P.S. Remember to celebrate your Million Dollar Shot champions with the included certificate.
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