Top 5 board games....

A top 5 list, looks like a pretty typical way to get attention in social media. If you know me, I don't like conventional marketing and hacky social media ploys, but I am new to this and am figuring out how to make real connections with people that like playing games. What's funny is that I do have opinions on all of these games and...(4th wall alert) OK, I just realized I'm going to detour from what I planned to do and post about these games first.

If you want to take a weird ride with me looking at DIY gaming and the particular game I am playing right now, "TMI Boom, the game" (and why you are a part of it), look for more of my posts.

Before I go, a shout out to Allen Lee's article on - any attention on DIY related games is great and I want to support it. See you next time.

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