TMI Boom's WEEKLY is now TMI Boom's GAME OF THE MONTH (G.O.T.M.)

That was my quick fail playing the TMI Boom Game™. My tendency for thinking romantically (not kiss kiss romantic, heroic romantic) is to go big, but maybe not realistic.
I already have over 100 games I want to get out and more being developed, so I thought I'd release one a week. And I can do it, but after just a couple of week's I realized that each free game release needs more build up, more story, and a little more shine.
By giving a way the TMI Boom G.O.T.M. every month, I can do justice to the game, have time to actually make the demo videos and the other support and bonus materials, and get a human amount of sleep so I can treat my triplets, pets, and wife (not necessarily in that order) with love and laughs I want to.
Less is actually more in this case. So enjoy the more and sign up today for the FREE TMI Boom GAME OF THE MONTH and join in the DIY game fun.

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  • Great idea! I love you sharing the process and thinking. Just an FYI, the sign up button on the home page still says, “TMI Boom Weekly.” I need to get another set of dice—maybe the Dollar Store—and print out InchWorm—the “board” is great!


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