TMI Boom CAPs (Creative Activity Projects studio)

CAPs (Creative Activity Projects studio) is the core structure of what TMI Boom does as a community.

1) "C" Creative. The trips and I come up with a creative idea.
2) "A" Activity. We do an activity based on that idea and share the results with you.
3) "P" Project. We challenge you with a project to see what you produce with the activity through your own perspective.
4) "s" studio (the TMI Boom social space). We encourage you to share your results with the TMI Boom community in the TMI Boom Studio and earn CAPs badges/trophies for completing each project.

We have not finalized which social community platform will be the TMI Boom Studio community's central home yet, but until we do, we will continue with our social media on: 
• blog
• tmiboom Patreon
• various social media posts (Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, Tumblr, etc...)

"Could this be the best thing I ever do?" That is the question we have to answer YES to for TMI Boom CAPs. If it is the same old project a bunch of influencers are copycatting online, if it is chasing whatever today's trending topic is on social media, if we can do it without having to think or care about it, it can't be the best thing we've ever done - and it won't be a part of TMI Boom CAPs.

Wouldn't it be great, if each and every CAP you complete with TMI Boom really could be the best thing you ever do? It is!

We are still working on all the details, but this is our basic process. We've hinted at various CAPs before and now we are going to start presenting our content to you with the CAPs format in mind. We are so excited to build an amazing community of kids, families, and creative people of all ages looking to challenge themselves with inventive, fresh, & fun projects in a supportive community.

It's a fun and fulfilling way to live. Join us and let's see what happens together.

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