the Sleepy Creeps are NFTs on OpenSea


Sleepy Creeps NFTs

An NFT collector (and good buddy), iFungible, gave me a much needed reminder to give more attention to TMI Boom's NFT collection and to get more engaged in the NFT community in general.

NFTs (and crypto) are getting more and more a part of the mainstream and as a creator TMI Boom wants to make its mark.

Along with Sensei Mila (the world's first NFT comic strip), Twosers (optical illusion NFT characters), and the DKSprinkles NFT collections...I am happy to start minting Sleepy Creeps NFTs.

Stay tuned for the next few days for some peeks at the growing Sleepy Creeps universe. There is no safe place, not even on the blockchain...the Sleepy Creeps are coming...



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