Sleepy Creeps "Toof Thairy" sketch on YouTube


the Sleepy Creeps are coming...
Today we are looking at an action sketch of "Toof Thairy" in a menacing pose.
The Toof Thairy is a Sleepy Creep that visits sleeping kids in the middle of the night to pull out their teeth. He loves pulling out those cavity riddled teeth, but sometime he pulls out some good ones too. On special occasions, he pulls them all out.
The Toof Thairy and many more Sleepy Creeps are starting to appear all over the world and as a growing NFT project on Polygon /
Keep your eyes out for more Sleepy Creeps, Sleepy Creep NFTs, and Sleepy Creep videos.
Thanks for liking/sharing/following and remember...the Sleepy Creeps are coming.
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