Sensei Mila - MADE UP WORDS - "Niven & Neven"

Webster is about to make "nibbling" the established gender-neutral term for niece and nephew - but that it sounds weird! And nibbling is already a word! 

That rabbit is nibbling on my lettuce!

"Niven" is a better alternative to a niece or nephew than nibbling because it:
+ sounds cooler
+ doesn't favor either
+ echos both
+ isn't already a word!

and "neven" is a great plural of Niven because:
+ seems natural as a plural of niven
+ is way cooler than "nibblings"
+ also isn't already a word

Now is the time to tweet, text, write, shout to "big dictionary" to make niven & neven the official gender-neutral term for a niece or nephew and the plural form go groups of nieces & nephews.

Do it today! Let's make it happen! 



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