Sensei Mila: Famous Quote no.14 - Belief and logic working together - Sensei Mila: the world's first NFT comic strip!

Sensei Mila: Famous Quote no.14

"Our world runs on belief, and it runs better with belief in facts." - Sensei Mila (2017)

It's always a balancing act between our process(of)-external-logical-thought (PELT) and our internal-belief-system (IBS). They are different ways to see, judge, and project on the world. Logic and belief aren't opposites, they are just on different ends of a spectrum. Both have their best uses and they both need to be acknowledged. The trick is knowing when you need to rely on our IBS to guide us (when we don't have enough real world data - and need to rely on feelings/belief/subconscious/status quo) and when you should rely on your PELT (when you do have enough real world information to make the best decision - especially if it contradicts your IBS).

nerd note: IBS and PELT as acronyms. I know IBS also stands for the medical condition, "Irritable Bowl Syndrome", which is an internal condition - so for me that works for an Internal Belief System.
To match logically with Internal Belief System, the logical acronym for the external should be ELTP for External Logical Thought Process, but PELT is easier to say and a pelt is an external surface, so that works for an Process(of) External Logical Thoughts.

It's not perfect, but there is thought behind it.

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