Pathem Puzzle: "Prix Fixe Menu"

I have had "prix fixe menu" (fixed price multi-course meal) a few times during "restaurant week" - where some higher end restaurants simplify the dining experience to give everyday folks an entrée (hey, another French word - that means "an entrance") into fine dining.
Weirdly entrée is also used as the word for the "main course" of a meal. So you could have an entrée to the entrée.
So if you haven't ever had a prix fixe menu meal, it's a thing to do and gets you to try some dishes you might not otherwise try. It's an introduction. Try something new.
If you have tried a prix fixe menu - I'd love for you to share what you had and what you thought about it.
(I'd also think it was cool if you tried solving this Pathem puzzle: "Prix Fixe Menu")
Pathem Puzzle: "Prix Fixe Menu"
until next time, -JK

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