Lucky numbers

Think of a number between 1 and 20.
Numbers and the meaning we put in them beyond their mathematical value is a fun topic to think about. The fact that we think that some numbers are lucky or unlucky so much that most elevators in the USA pretend the floor after the 12th is the 14th, is wild.
Take a quick peek online and see which numbers are considered lucky and lucky in different cultures. It's cool to see how different countries' and regions' beliefs are shared, or opposite of each other.
Most of the time making a choice based on your lucky number doesn't make a material difference, so have fun with it.
According to my son Koa (who enjoys psychology) the number most frequently chosen number between 1-20 is 17. People want to pick a cool number, something different, not obvious. So they avoid 1-10. But 7 is so cool, so 17.
The least obvious choice is actually the most obvious. We are all unique, and we all have things we share, and that's cool. Life is a game, when you learn how to play.
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p.s. the best lucky number is 3


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