Inchworm game demo video!

If you downloaded the print-and-play DIY board game "Inchworm" from, here is a 3-round game demo with JK Cook (the DIY Game Guy) and Lei, the inventor of Inchworm.
It's great to have the written rules and instructions, but people often learn better seeing game play in action.
Inchworm is a great "all-ages" board game. Young kids-to parents-to grandparents can play this simple, short play time game together with ease. There is a good balance of basic probability, strategy, lucky feelings, and a great game mechanic Lei invented (we'll call it the Inchworm game mechanic) which will appear in future games.
DIY gaming is about taking a break form digital media, playing as many different types of games, face-to-face, with as many people as possible. By challenging yourself and sharing quality time with others while having fun, we'll make the world a better place.
Inchworm was TMI Boom's very first game-of-the-month (GOTM). Go to and look at the bottom of any page to sign up for the next GOTM. It's a FREE subscription that gets you a new GOTM each and every month. It's how we support and build the DIY game community.


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