10 days gang! Nana Lorraine (one of the triplets' grandmas) has a friend interested in signing up for the free WEEKLY game downloads because she plays games with her grandchildren.
This is what the TMI Boom Game is all about. Spread the word, tell your friends, let's find all those awesome people out there who enjoy quality time playing DIY games.
In honor of Nana Lorraine's friend (now there is a lot of pressure on her to sign up), I have decided that the first game TMI Boom is going to have as it's first WEEKLY free download is a game called "Inchworm™". Now that I have posted it, it's a done deal.
I have TMI (too many ideas) in my head so it is a relief when any choice is locked in - no more debate over possibilities. It's all about the Inchworm and I am very happy.
Inchworm is a great game to play with our younger and older DIY gamers. It's easy to learn, the pace moves well, the 1st gen graphics are cute and light.
I am especially proud of releasing this game because my son, Lei (aka DKSprinkles) is the person who invented it. While we were game testing some of my games, it just game to him almost perfectly formed.
A head's up to Nana Lorraine's friend, the game board and instructions are in the free download for TMI Boom WEEKLY subscribers, but you will need at 12 dice of your own (part of your person DIY game kit - start building it!)(take a look on the site about building your own DIY game kits). Ideally you'll have two different colored sets of six d6 (6-sided) dice, but any 12 d6 dice will do.
So if you want to be super cool, like Nana Lorraine and her friend, sign up today and don't miss access to any of the TMI Boom WEEKLY DIY game downloads.

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