I LOVE T-SHIRTS : Mandrake

Damn! I got some fun t-shirts in Japan!

TMIBoom I love t-shirts

Mandrake is a tremendous comic/collectibles store in the Shibuya area of Tokyo. You walk down a sticker pasted tunnel-like stairwell into a sprawling basement store filled to the gills with crazy figurines, posters, toys, dolls, t-shirts, and more...! I could have browsed for hours and bought a bunch of more product, but our time and energy was limited. I got a shirt and I think the trips got an awesome toy monster or two.

The content ranges for kid to adult, like many things in Japan.

This t-shirt design above is a reminder to me of the wild and intense imagery Mandrake dives head first into and I have enjoyed wearing it more than once to play poker (to both intimidate the other players with the aggressive image and for them not to take me seriously at all as a grown man wearing a crazy t-shirt).

Shout out to Mandrake!

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