How to draw Piggy Blanket video - coming soon!

How to draw Piggy Blanket video

WARNING! Sleepy Creeps can be very scary! The triplets love them (during the day) and enjoy being (a little) scared at night. Parents should make sure Sleepy Creeps only frighten their kids at just the right amount of fun, fear, and imagination.

Piggy Blanket was the very first Sleepy Creep "discovered" by Sleepy Creeps Hunters and as more sightings are reported of the toe-munching monster, we look forward to seeing many drawings of it and all the Sleepy Creeps.

Stay tuned as we figure out how best to share this HOW-TO-DRAW video. Once we figure out a system, expect a ton of fun how-to-draw videos.

The Sleepy Creeps are coming...

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