Get your metagame on!

Part of the metagame (beyond just playing a game) of DIY gaming is the larger mindset. And something that gets me in a positive, energized, over-all winning attitude is putting on a fun t-shirt.
Back in my rugby days, it was intense getting ready to clash with some big boys, and I remember "armoring up" in my black & green jersey, shorts, mouthpiece, and cleats (my spikes!) got me focussed, shooed away the butterflies, and got me in gear for the starting whistle.
Your physical preparation can set up your mental game for success and vice versa.
Step out from behind your curtain with a fun DIY "uniform". Try one of our "Chee-Hoo!" tees or find something that speaks to the heart of your game and slip it on before your next DIY game day.
Life is a game when you learn how to play!
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