Fail quick, fail often. Check!

There is wisdom in the concept that taking risks, failing, learning from the failure, making better decisions, and eventually succeeding. And with this iterative process, it makes sense to fail quickly, rather than slowly. Get those reps in. get those lessons learned.
But what my little logic voice (Logic A) whispers into my ear is,
"You don't know if you've learned the right lessons to succeed until they've worked consistently. So it's still a bit of a crap shoot and you have to just keep working at it, keep risking and failing and trying the next best thing you can think of. I think we all know that even if everyone used this process, some people just succeed more often, some people have some success over time, and some never really do."
Then a little emotional voice whispers something into my other ear that we'll get to later.
Then another little logic voice (Logic B) whispers into another other ear,
"But that shouldn't stop anyone from using the process, because regardless of your end result, the effort will will have likely improved it."
Why do I have at least 2 logic voices and an emo instead of an angle and a devil whispering into my ear? Because generally things are way to complex to keep issues as binary, yes/no, good/bad, angel/devil.
Can you guess what my emo voice whispered after Logic A?
"Are you the type of person who eventually succeeds after failing quick and often? Or are you the type that just fails at varying speeds?"
Comedy or tragedy? It's just a matter of distance and tone.
So this ramble is because I recognized a FAIL I had playing the TMI Boom Game and I am patting myself on the back because I made it QUICK.
More tomorrow...
also - just a shout out to everyone being genuine and trying share something of value with others.

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