Do you have Death Breath?


Sleepy Creeps "Death Breath" NFT

Death Breath is one of the numerous Sleepy Creeps popping up and getting out into the world. 

Becoming NFTs is just another way the Sleepy Creeps universe is spreading from nightmare to nightmare, house to house, and now NFT collection to NFT collection. 

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Death Breath is a Sleepy Creep that curls up in your mouth and starts to smell. It starts just a little, then goes through 5 increasing disgusting stages. The only way to get Death Breath to leave your mouth is to eat something grosser than the current stench level in your mouth. So eat something quick before it levels up to something too horrible to choke down.

TMI Boom CAPs challenge: Death Breath What are your 5 levels of Death Breath?
My 5 levels of stinky would be...
(1) egg
(2) stinky cheese
(3) elevator fart
(4) yard dog doo doo
(5) something dead in a dumpster
Figure out your 5 levels of Death Breath and email your submission to: with "Death Breath CAPs challenge" in the subject line.
Selected submissions will get a shout out and earn a limited special edition TMIBoom CAPs badge.
If you like this creative challenge, share this post and have your friends submit their Death Breath 5 levels of stench! I really want to smell the best-worst 5 levels your guys can think of.
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