DKS - Kitty Cone Coconut - NFT on

DKSprinkles has done it again! Kitty Cones! I love them. And I am a coconut fiend so Kitty Cone Coconut is the first one I am sharing with TMI Boom patrons.

NFTs by DKSprinkles and TMIBoom.

The first (and probably only - DKSprinkles is a creative rolling stone) batch of Kitty Cones have been minted - we are just waiting for them to be "frozen" so they can be made available for sale.

As I have stated somewhere before, DKSprinkles is such an amazing talent that keeps evolving day to day - if you love something, grab it quick, because that 12-yr old artist only moves forward.

Come check Kitty Cone Coconut HERE.

And stay tuned as these super cute (kawaii) characters find their way to then tourist trap & gift shop as awesome decals / stickers. 

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