BUBBLES the Puffer Fish


BUBBLES the Puffer Fish

Bubbles is about as kawaii (cute) as I get. I remember liking puffer fish as a kid, one of those weird real life creatures that are stranger that fiction. They are a great reminder how diverse and surprising our world is.

I have some ideas on what to do with Bubbles...and am sharing the process with you. Stay tuned this week to see Bubbles variants...colors, eye and mouth alternatives, spike patterns. It's an experiment.

I'll put post artwork and get some interactive feedback (voting in polls!) and we'll have some fun making something new. If it works - stickers, t-shirts, yoga tights, who knows what else?

I love sharing ideas and the creative process with the triplets, and that is what I want to extend out to an online community - I have no idea exactly how to do it or what will happen - but today is a step for TMI Boom that I have been waiting to take. Thanks for your support and I hope you'll join us for the ride.
Bubbles the Puffer Fish!

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