About TMI Boom

About TMI Boom

I'm JK Cook and I am a work-at-home dad raising triplets. Way before Covid we were inventing games, creating art, and making messes together at home.

Now the toddlers are tweens and as they spread their wings, I am doing so as well with TMI Boom (Too Many Ideas...BOOM!)

I'm taking my decades of creative work, our decade+ of family fun & games, and a crash course in social media & e-commerce to build a community of kids, students, families, and creative types of all kinds who are entertained by the work we've done and want to take a part in all the CAPs (Creative Activity Projects) we have lined up for the future.

This is an ADVENTURE! We have a lot to share and even more to learn on how to make it work. It's scary. It's exciting. We'd love for you to join us and make something amazing.

Poke around. Come back often. Make comments. Tell your friends. Share us on social media. This is a work in progress and we are just getting started. Thanks for your support.


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